Jaggery Sesame Seeds Ladoo Snack Item How to Prepare

      Sesame Seeds are extensively manufactured especially in Andhra Pradesh. Since sesame seeds are abundantly produced, it is used in andhra cusine in innumerable ways. Here two types of sesame seeds, one is white, second one is black sesame seeds. We use in curry's white sesame seeds only. Black sesame seeds will use only for sweet laddo. Sesame seeds ladoo (unda) is one among them. Sesame seeds laddoo (unda) is prepared by pounding black sesame seeds and  jaggery powder together and rolling the mixture into small balls. The oil in sesame seeds helps in binding the ladoo along with soft jaggery. The sesame seeds ladoo is highly rich in iron and other minerals (copper, manganese, calcium) along with vitamins (B1, E). To cook something from one's own culture is one thing and to cook from another is an altogether exhilarating experience. It suited me perfectly. There were many recipes which I had not even heard before - so I was looking forward to making each one of them.  I have already made a no cook version of this before, check out my sesame seeds ladoo. That is a easy version.But this is quite different and it is my sister's recipe. The main thing is you can store this for so many days in a air tight container and have it daily since sesame seeds are so good for you. This method is a bit crucial but so simple. Getting the jaggery  is the main thing. And if you find it hard to make balls from So try this out and let me know how it turns out for you.. This is also traditional recipe in Andhra. We prepare this item for "Nagulla chavithi" its a festiavl in Andhra. That day people prepare this sesame seeds laddu (Nuvlu Unda) like a prasadam to 'Ammavaru Naga devatha'. That day women will be fasting morning to evening, evening again go to temple and pray to god, then seen moon light  came to home then eat this prasadam. Then the fasting is completed... Not only that we prepare this for snack also, its so good for children, women's its highly proteins and vitamins... So lets see the process to make the ladoo...

Ingredients :-

  • Black Sesame seeds 1 cup
  • Dry coconut 1/2 cup
  • Jaggery 1 cup
  • Cardamom 5
Jaggery with Sesame Seeds Ladoo Snack Item How to Prepare
Preparation :-

  1. Take a pan add black sesame seeds fry it for good smell, in medium flame. When it came good smell move it to a plate and cool it for.
  2. Next take jaggery grated it or cut it fine pieces. Then also cut it dry coconut pieces also.
  3. When the black sesame seeds cool then take a jar add it, then grind it fine and crush powder.
  4. Then grind coconut also, then move it to sesame powder, in same jar add jaggery, cardamom also then grind it fine powder. Then add it to sesame powder.
  5. Now mix it well for 2 minutes,it cames little bit oil in that mixture. Mix it well for 2 minutes.
  6. Then make it like ladoo's and then put it to a plate. Same to do all... All are completed then move it to a tight container for store it for 1 week... 
Jaggery Sesame Seeds Ladoo Snack Item How to make
Its so tasty and so good to eat it.. Eat daily one ladoo, So friends try this tasty ladoo in your home. Simple ingredients and simple to prepare this sweet. So friends try this recipe and then share it to your friends and then enjoy it.... :)

Dry Fruits Gutti Vankaya Fry Recipe How to Make

   Hi friends, today different recipe "Dry fruits Gutti Vankaya fry". Some different and tasty fry. There are so many variations of stuffed brinjal curry. My favorite way to spend my afternoons – sipping on a cup of hot tea and reading the umpteen cookery magazines that I subscribe to. Going through them, one thought came to my mind: Brinjal, also known as aubergine or eggplant, finds use not only in Indian cooking but in several Middle Eastern and European dishes as well. It can be baked, steamed or roasted. This veggie is a chef’s delight, can be made into a dip, a snack, an accompaniment with rice or the main dish on the table. All that it takes is a bit of imagination and lots of love while cooking. There are several versions of gutti vanakaya aka bharwa baingan. This version is of pure unadulterated Andhra style. This is mainly made as curry dish weddings and gatherings. This involves lot of oil. I did my best to use as less as I can. It did come out nice. In my blog have three  types of gutti vanakaya recipes. This 4th recipe in my blog.. I use some different in this recipe.. Its totally different and some sweet and spicy.. My Amma prepare with vankaya (brinjal) like vankaya fry, vankaya curry, gutti vankaya etc..., In my family we eat it so much... But I see the recipe in t.v. I like it, so I tried this recipe in my home wow its amazing taste... Dry fruits sweet, spicy of garam masala wow it really so good to... Its combination is pappu, rasam, pappu pulusu... Its so good eat it this recipes... So friends lets see the process to make the 'Dry fruit Gutti Vanakaya' recipe.....  

Ingredients :-

  • Brinjals  250 grams
  • Onions 2
  • Tomatoes 2 
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
  • Almonds 10
  • Cashew nuts 10
  • Raisins 8
  • Garam masala powder 1 tbsp
  • Fresh coconut pieces 1/2 cup
  • Coriander seeds 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chili powder 2 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
  • Oil 15 tsp
Dry Fruits Gutti Vankaya Fry Recipe How to prepare
Preparation :-

  1. First take a pan add coriander seeds dry roast it for 3 minutes in low flame. Then move it a side.
  2. Now take a jar add onion pieces, tomato pieces, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, coriander leafs, almonds, cashew nuts, coconut, garam masala powder, raisins, fried coriander seeds and grind it fine powder.
  3. Once it grind then add some water again grind it thick paste. Then move it to a bowl.
  4. Take brinjals cut it into for stuffing, then open it and then the mixture will be put it in side and then close it. 
  5. Then take a pan add oil to heat, when oil is heated then add stuffed brinjals and then cook it for 5 minutes in medium flame.
  6. Put the lid also the brijal will be cooked early... After 5 minutes open the lid and mix it for. When the brinjal is boiled then add grind masala mixture also and then cook it for 5 to 10 minutes in low flame.
  7. When the masala will be catch the brinjal  totally it came good smell, then the fry is ready. Once check it is ready are not, when the fry totally fried then move it to a bowl and then serve it......
And now tasty and sweet & spicy dish Gutti Vanakaya fry ready to eat... This recipe is for side dish... So we can eat this papau rice, rasam, you can serve with chapati also so tasty.... So friends try this tasty recipe in your home and enjoy the new taste.... :)

How to Prepare Wheat Flour With Jaggery Sweet Dosa Recipe

    Hi friends good morning to all.... Today one break fast recipe "Wheat flour sweet dosa". Its a traditional and desi recipe. If you find this Jaggery Dosa recipe is useful then please share with your friends. Here we have given list of ingredients and procedure on how to make Jaggery Dosa recipe, so that any one can make this Jaggery Dosa very easily without any experiance on making this recipe. I added some rice flour to make the dosa little crispier..You could do this without adding any rice flour too..I hope you will love it for sure ... This mildly-sweet, pancake-like dosa is made of rice flour flavoured with coconut, cardamom and jaggery. Jaggery dosa should ideally be served fresh and hot, with a savoury snack. This is a simple and healthy recipe for breakfast. I just opt for this when I haven’t planned much for the morning breakfast. There are both hot and sweet versions of the dosa prepared using wheat flour. Actually this break fast will prepare my Amma. In my school day's she prepare this tasty and sweet dosa to me & my sister. Its preparation is so easy, taste also so crispy and soft. No time to take for preparation to this recipe. This recipe is so old, my amma, amma prepared this recipe, she add some desi ghee to fry the sweet dosa. My grand mother will prepare so many varieties... Of course I like & love to cook variety's. My amma will help to the combination for prepare old recipes.  So lets watch the ingredients... 

Ingredients :-

  • Wheat flour 1 cup
  • Rice flour 1/4 cup
  • Grated coconut 1/4 cup
  • Jaggrey 1/2
  • Sugar 5 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder 1tbsp
  • Ghee to fry the dosa
  • Milk 1 cup
  • salt pinch 
Wheat Flour With Jaggery Sweet Dosa Recipe

Preparation :-

  1. First take a bowl add wheat flour, rice flour, salt, grated coconut, cardamom powder, grated jaggrey (sweet as u like to use) sugar and mix it well for.
  2. Then add milk mix it like a dosa batter. If u want water add some little bit and again mix it well for.
  3. Now take a dosa pan heat it, when the pan is heated then take ladle full of batter on to the pan and spread in a circular motion starting from the inside.
  4. Working your way towards the out side. Then add little bit ghee around the edges of the dosa.
  5. When dosa is cooked till golden brown color, then filp and cook the other side also fry it for golden brown color.
  6. Then move it to a severing plate, and then serve it with tomato pickle.. Its so tangy and sweet taste will came... 
So the tasty and crispy instant break fast is ready to eat... So friends try this break fast in your home and then send to me your feed back to me..... :)