How to Prepare Panchamrutham Andhra Style

    Hi friends.. today one traditional item "Pachamrutham"... Its very traditional item it will be prepared for festival's... we prepare this Panchamrutham.. Its really amrutham... Panchamrutham is a very popular recipe. It is a sweet dish that is usually offered to festivals. Learn how to prepare panchamrutham recipe by following this easy recipe. Learn how to make Andhra Panchamrutham recipe at home yourself, as we have given the complete list of food ingredients required for the prepartion of Panchamrutham with the easy cooking tips on how to make Panchamrutham recipe with step by step easy prepare. 
        The grand celebrations of the ‘Vinayaka chavithi’ festival. After my marriage this my first festival.. Really am so enjoying the festival with my husband..... Now on the kitchen front, I am left with a cornucopia of fruits (like apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, pomegranate, pineapple and dates), all nearing their expiry. How does one consume so many fruits? The answer is ‘Panchamrutham’. Panchamrutham is a healthy and tasty dessert made with mixed fruits, sugar and honey. All you have to do is cut the fruits, add the sugar and honey you are done. You can call it the Indian fruit salad. In Chennai and Andhra temples usually serve Panchamrutham as an offering to the Gods. In my home town Nellore, temple serve this item to people.. At home, my dad usually prepares this dessert with all the remaining fruits in the fridge. So friends try this tasty and sweet recipe in your home and taste it simple and taste recipe... Here is the recipe details....... 

Ingredients :-

  • Milk 3 cups
  • Curd 1 cup
  • Apples 2
  • Bananas 2
  • Grapes 50 grams
  • Oranges 2
  • Pomegranate 1
  • Pineapple 5 pieces 
  • Honey 5 tsbp
  • Sugar for taste
  • Ghee 3 tbsp
  • Dates 5

Preparation :-

  1. First take a big bowl cut all fruits small pieces and then mash it lite.. (Don't press tight)...
  2. Now add milk, curd, honey, sugar again mix it with help of spoon.. Then add ghee also again mix it...
  3. The Panchamrutham is ready for poojja... You can serve this recipe cool also... Put the panchamrutham in fridge, for 1 hour then serve it coollllllllll...........
Now tasty and delicious item "Panchamrutham" is ready to eat... Its very healthy and tasty recipe.... So friends try this simple and tasty Panchamurtam in your home... No need to use gas... (you can take raw milk only for this dish).....