Ponnaganti koora leaves dal fry recipe how to prepare

       Hi friends, today am sharing recipe is Ponnaganti Koora Leaves Toordal fry recipe... village style... My grand mother prepare this curry only ponnaganti koora leaves, but my mother add in this fry recipe toordal it so yummy taste and good to health... Its very good to kids so try to serve this weekly once's to kids.. Not only its very good to feeding mothers also so good its gives good protiens and vitamins.... This is my very very fav dish I love to eat this weekly 3 times that love so much :).... I will eat it rice, and also serve with sambar, dal curry, rasam etc..., so yummy to eat friends... This fry u can prepare for lunch box also very easy to make this.. First boil dal 90% then prepare this fry.. Its total time is 10 to 15 minutes only :)........ So friends if u  like my video pls like share comment and subscribe my channel and support to me......

Click Here Video Link :- https://youtu.be/SN9KCIeTQp0

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